Disco Veiler™ Eye Adornment

Live life in a beauty blur with this handcrafted, limited-edition eye adornment. Made of illusion mesh and micro-crystals, the Disco Veiler instantly amps up your look IRL by reflecting and refracting light, or creates fantastical effects with your favorite filter.

Available in Champagne or Noir.


Champagne : A sheer, shimmery vibe.

The Details

The Details

Put on modern day rose-colored glasses: instantly transform your eye area into a sparkly wonderland.

Splashed with gems and laser cut to perfectly embellish your eyes with a shimmering lens, this limited-edition art piece can be reused over and over.

Fitted with an adjustable, comfortable band that feels as if you are wearing nothing at all.

Pair with a fresh face for an ethereal look or amp up the drama with a bold lip.

No need for mascara or lash enhancements, as the Disco Veiler works best (and feels the best) without extra eye makeup on your lashes.

“Dip in and out of fantasy – in a flash – with this galactic-inspired lightning-speed beauty adornment for your futuristic cosmic alter ego.”

– Jo Baker, BAKEUP Co-Founder

“In the world of Web 3 and metaverse, [the Disco Veiler gives you] that anonymity but a little bit of suspicion and sexiness.”

- Brea Stinson, Fashion Designer



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