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Introducing Bakeup: Reimagining Beauty in the Multiverse

Makeup Artist Jo Baker Unveils A New Line That Transcends the Meaning of Makeup As We Know It Inspired by Recording Artist Grace Gaustad


(Los Angeles, CA, July 22, 2022) - Forget every rule, guideline or standard you’ve ever followed when it comes to makeup. It’s time to unleash the you that you are — no bounds, no limits, just your face as a space to create in the multi-dimensional, multi-sensory place that is your own personal multiverse.

Built for the now where function meets fantasy and artistry meets utility, BAKEUP by Jo Baker is ready to play where you play, from your mirror to the metaverse, or somewhere in between. Transcending the traditional confines of today’s beauty standard, BAKEUP provides the tools to tap into your truth while embracing your dreams.

Ignited by the cosmic collision of two artistic visionaries - one from the world of beauty and one from music - BAKEUP was born from a shared passion for storytelling and freedom of expression.

The Makeup Artist

British born celebrity makeup artist Jo Baker brought a unique perspective to Hollywood when she moved there in 2004. With a high-fashion London-based editorial background, the 20-year industry vet always had a knack for exploring and experimenting with makeup, and constantly looked for opportunities in her work to channel her wildly expressive imagination. The traditional, play-it-safe red carpet beauty aesthetic at the time, however, limited Baker’s creativity and left her yearning to give more to her clients than what they were simply asking for. After creating a series of unexpected red carpet looks in 2019 for actress Lucy Boynton, featuring vivid color and glittery texture, Baker captivated the world with a new perception of Hollywood glamour, defining it less as classic and more as bold and adventurous.

The Recording Artist

Searching for someone to realize their vision of translating the emotional and unapologetically truthful narrative of their music onto their face, 19-year old recording artist Grace Gaustad looked to Baker for their first album and musical miniseries BLKBX in 2021. More than just a musical artist, Grace knew they wanted to show the power of using beauty and style as an escape and form of self-expression. G handed Jo a lookbook filled with their own makeup ideas that told the story of their life and songs. With Jo's expertise and boundary-breaking approach to beauty, Grace’s creative vision was brought to life. The two artists embarked on a journey of fearless storytelling through emotive and artistic beauty. With bold color and fantastical texture, the looks that transpired set the magic in motion.

Grace’s mother and beauty entrepreneur Cristina Carlino saw a genius in Baker, who had dreamt of bringing a wildly irreverent makeup line to market. Inspired by what she was witnessing, Carlino played the role of both mentor and fairy godmother and helped turn the fantasy into reality. With Jo as the expert and Grace as the muse, a new expressionary form of beauty was born.

The Brand

Launching on the heels of Grace’s second album PILLBX, and anchored in the idea of expressive arts as a powerful technique for exploring and transforming emotions, BAKEUP is on a mission to allow every face to tell its own unique story, no matter where your beauty journey takes you. Transcending time, trends and the traditional meaning of makeup, BAKEUP is about embracing who you are and who you want to be, with limitless expression and empowerment through the freedom to fantasize and dream.

With wondrous storytelling and artistic expression at the root of the brand DNA, every BAKEUP offering will serve as a tool to convey different elements and dimensions of life, moments, moods and feelings.

Founded in the space created by emerging technology, BAKEUP is a digital-first brand pushing the boundaries of experiential beauty and self-expression. Unveiling its vision and starting to build its community in July 2022, BAKEUP brings its new perspective to beauty with a limited-edition, first-of-its-kind eye embellishment. Designed to exist in multiple realities, the Disco Veiler eye adornments will offer multiple ways to play within the beauty multiverse: as an NFT for select members of the NFP (non fungible people) avatar community, as augmented reality (AR) wearable filters on Snapchat and Instagram, and in IRL physical products for consumers to purchase.

Additionally, BAKEUP has joined forces with Daz 3D, creators of the Non-Fungible People (NFP) NFT collection - featuring powerful, self-expressive women and non-binary avatars in a hyper-real art style - to create digital makeup looks that can be worn, collected, traded and sold in the metaverse. Daz 3D is the powerhouse behind NFT collections created in collaboration with major brands such as Coca-Cola, Warner Brothers, and Champion, among many others.

With the full BAKEUP collection to be released in Fall 2022, it’s time to break up with your makeup rules.