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Color Psychology 101

Ever been curious about how color impacts your vibe? Let's dive into some light color psychology and explore how wearing certain shades can boost your mood, send a message and leave an impression.

Why does using color matter?

At BAKEUP, we believe that makeup has the ability to evoke and express specific emotion in ways that are both fun and healing! For instance:

  • earthy tones like warm browns and soft neutrals can evoke a sense of grounding and authenticity.
  • vibrant hues, such as energetic reds or playful pinks, can boost confidence and inject a sense of vitality.
  • green shades promote serenity and manifest prosperity

Whether it's a couple of brightly-colored gems or a pop of high-pigment eyeshadow, our color choices empower us to embrace our moods, quirks, dreams and personalities.

The psychology of color

This branch of psychology explores how different hues can influence our emotions, behaviors and perceptions. Colors have the power to evoke specific feelings and create subconscious associations. You've heard of warm tones and cool tones, right? Here's how they break down in color psychology:

  • warm tones like red and orange can elicit feelings of excitement, passion and energy.
  • cooler shades such as blue and green may evoke a sense of calm, tranquility or trust.

Keep in mind that colors can also be culturally and individually interpreted, with personal experiences shaping our responses. Understanding the psychology of color allows us to harness its impact in our everyday lives and use it to express and access subconscious associations.

The subconscious associations of color

BAKEUP chromatic

With the BAKEUP range of colors, we aim to inspire and empower individuals to express themselves and embrace the transformative power of color.

Add a small pop of color at the inner or outer corners of the eye or combine primaries and pastels with neutrals for a bright, ready-to-wear look! Add a same-color gem for a simple-to-achieve, monochromatic look.

We can’t wait to see all the looks you’ll create. Make sure you tag @bakeupbeauty when you #bakeupwithus.


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