Ignited by the cosmic collision of two artistic visionaries — one from the world of beauty and one from music — BAKEUP was born from a shared passion for storytelling and freedom of expression. Founded in the space created by emerging technology, BAKEUP is a digital-first brand designed to push the boundaries of experiential beauty and self-expression.


Born and raised in London, Jo Baker ingeniously translated her passion for fine art into an obsession with the makeup medium. Her innate understanding of crafting unique hues and creating magic-hour glows has influenced her foundational understanding of color and texture.

With a high-fashion London-based editorial background, the 20-year industry artist always had a knack for exploring and experimenting with makeup, and constantly looked for opportunities in her work to channel her wildly expressive imagination.

“To me, the beauty rules are made to be broken, or ignored altogether,” says Jo. “I always start a makeup look by asking the person in my chair how they are feeling because I create based on their truth, which can be different one day to the next. My artistry is inspired by honesty, and I love seeing where that takes me.”

After joining Usher on his 2004 Confessions tour, the natural-born artist quickly became the go-to for men’s grooming, working with the likes of 50 Cent and Eminem. Since then, Jo captivated the world with a new perception of Hollywood glamor, defining it less as classic and more as bold and adventurous. She has gone on to create daring looks for Hollywood superstars, including Lucy Boyton (who she joined on the Bohemian Rhapsody world tour), Sharon Stone, Bella Hadid, Jennifer Lawrence and Salma Hayek.


Instead of simply making a record, Grace Gaustad made their own world…

The 20-year-old Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer magnifies their message on tape, on-screen and beyond. Known for a string of passionate covers (including their viral take on “Take Me To Church’’) as well as the trailblazing success of their self-released 2021 album BLKBX: wht r u hding?, Gaustad has successfully garnered a global fan base built on a foundation of inclusivity and acceptance. Writing and singing since the age of 5, Gaustad draws heavily from their personal life for their music and the accompanying videos they creates for each song.

“I think there’s a lot of power in vulnerability,” explains Grace, whose sophomore album PILLBX: whts ur fantasy? was released this June. “Everyone goes through the exact same thing.”

As a multimedia curator, Grace also actively maintains a safe haven for a generation beset with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, uncontrolled emotions, and tendencies to self-harm. “My goal from the beginning is to bring people together and to give those who have been marginalized a safe space,” says Grace. “One of the most passionate things a human being can do is take pain and turn it into something beautiful.”


BAKEUP is on a mission to allow every face to tell its own unique story, no matter where your beauty journey takes you. Transcending time, trends and the traditional meaning of makeup, BAKEUP is about embracing who you are and who you want to be, with limitless expression and empowerment through the freedom to fantasize and dream.

We encourage self-expression and co-creation through both IRL and digital experiences, leveraging boundless creativity, artistry and personal exploration. By giving people the freedom to share their experiences and speak their truth through creative forms of expression, we hope to create an engaged, inclusive community where utility meets infinite imagination.

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