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2 Spring 2023 Makeup Trends in One Look

Color wash meets haze blush for this canary yellow look that’s guaranteed to get you in a springtime mood. Watch how Jo Baker, our co-Founder, blends these two on-trend makeup techniques using the yellow and orange shades from the Micro Palm Palette - Primaries for a look that goes from BOLD to BOLDEST.

For this look you’ll need an eye primer, the Micro Palm Palette - Primaries, black mascara, a dark lip color and ideally three brushes: a fluffy shadow brush, smaller detail brush and a flat contour brush.

  1. Always start with an eye primer to give your eyeshadow its truest, fullest color payoff and long-lasting wear. Stay tuned for Jo’s dream eye primer launching at BAKEUP later this year!
  2. Tap. Layer. Blend. Repeat. The Micro Palm Palettes are designed for brush and fingertip application. Jo uses her fingertips to pack on color where she wants it, then switches to a fluffy shadow brush to blend and shape the color wash.
  3. If you’re going BOLD with this look, use a smaller detail brush to add a fat application of that gorgeous yellow to the lower lash line.
  4. Finish off the eyes with a spidery, inky black lash. Avoid getting flakes on your eyelid by holding your pointer finger behind your lashes to catch any stray swipes of mascara.
  5. Ready to go BOLDER? Grab a flat contour brush and tap it into the orange and yellow shades from the Primaries palette. Tap and brush these shades onto your cheekbones and up around your temples to create a two-tone haze blush.
  6. For the BOLDEST look possible, pair with a vampy, dark lip color to play up those opposite tones.

Be bold. Stand out. Be different. Will you be trying this look at home? We’d love to see what else you create. Be sure to tag us @bakeupbeauty and use #BAKEUPwithus when you post to social so that we can share your creativity with the rest of our BAKEUP community.

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  • This is a great tutorial. I would never have thought to use my finger and combining the two colours on the cheeks make it really pop. Can’t wait for festival season to begin as I will be following this great tutorial.

    Nikki Hansford on

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