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When we say #BAKEUPNotMakeup, we mean that BAKEUP is about embracing who you are and who you want to be. We’re not just another makeup brand.

We’re the creative love child of two friends (recording artist Grace Gaustad and celebrity makeup artist Jo Baker) who believe that every face tells a story, and it’s our mission to empower everyone - regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, anything - with the products and inspiration they need to express themselves.

In Grace’s words

“When Jo and I set out to create a brand, we wanted to hone in on this idea that creativity and art expression and identity are all tied into makeup and how you present yourself,” says Gaustad. “We want to see your most authentic self with makeup.”

It’s a compelling idea, that adding something external can help reveal the internal. The Sage Open study offers science to the theory. “Paradoxically,” wrote its authors, “it seems that cosmetics may be used to signify ‘the real self’ to others.” 

This is part of Bakeup’s ethos, a purposeful divergence from what Gaustad observed among beauty influencers over the past few years. “Makeup became very rigid and done only in one way,” they say. “We wanted to make a brand that says, Have fun with the products. Make an art piece out of yourself. It doesn’t always have to be so glamorous.”

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According to Jo

Above all, celebrity and editorial makeup artist Jo Baker believes makeup should be fun—and for everyone… “We can use makeup in a way that is so much more intelligent, directional and artful,” Baker says. “You get a much stronger message and it can actually be powerful, so I wanted to create a formidable modern beauty brand that allows people to have ammunition to create their own alter egos every day.”

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If you’re new to the BAKEUP community - welcome! We hope this introduction makes you feel welcome here - and excited to start to play! We can’t wait to see all the looks you’ll create. Make sure you tag @bakeupbeauty when you #bakeupwithus.


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