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How to Experiment with the Face Gems

“Gems have been a huge part of my kit in my pro makeup artist career. I’ve always leaned into this 3D adornment around the eye. It feels high fashion but almost like a punk attitude way of wearing makeup. But it’s not makeup - it’s self expression for anyone,” says co-founder Jo Baker of our Playbox, a kit of gems and stickers for the face and body.

According to InStyle magazine, face gems will be the top beauty trend for 2023. Our Playbox by Jo Baker contains 456 reusable gems and stickers of various sizes, shapes and colors, making it the perfect kit to experiment with this trend. 

Since Jo is such a huge fan, we asked her for some tips on how to use the Playbox to express yourself.

Start Simple

Think about using a simple gem in the corner of your eye, or on your waterline. Or maybe you’ve always thought about getting a nose piercing, a second, or fourth ear piercing. You can apply a gem from the Playbox to that spot and wear it around for the day to try a new version of expression without a full piercing commitment.

Accentuate Your Eye Makeup

The prismatic gemstones in our Playbox by Jo Baker can be used to amp up your eye makeup. Choose gemstones that compliment the colors you’ve applied and create fun shapes or patterns with them. This type of multidimensional artistry can be high fashion and dramatic.

Use Your Whole Face as a Canvas

If makeup isn’t your thing, you can still play with gems to express yourself. Use them to create patterns that you like, and feel free to go beyond the eye area! There’s really no right or wrong way to use the Playbox by Jo Baker. And since the gems and stickers are all reusable, you can feel total freedom to play around and have fun as you express yourself.

Gems Are Ageless

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid, how many hours you spent playing dress up and experimenting with different styles? The Playbox by Jo Baker is a perfect gift for any kid to empower them to get creative, explore and, well, play! 

Now that we’ve given you some ideas, it’s your turn to unleash your own inner artist! How will you express yourself with these face gems and stickers? We can’t wait to see what you create. Be sure to tag us @bakeupbeauty and use #BAKEUPwithus when you post to social so that we can share your creativity with the rest of our BAKEUP community.


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