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It's Okay to Meltdown

Sometimes, all those tips for self-care can feel like just one more item being piled onto your to-do list. If your mental or emotional plate is already full, the idea of adding self-care might feel like a task more than a treat. That’s why therapist and mental health consultant Dr. Jaz Robbins recommends taking something you already do daily, like washing your face, and turning it into a mindful moment.

Mindful cleansing: have a meltdown

Simply put, mindful cleansing means being fully present and aware of what you’re doing as you cleanse your face. You’re not replaying a memory from the day. You’re not running through tomorrow’s to-do list in your head. You’re focused on what you’re feeling and sensing in the moment. We recommend using our Daily Meltdown Hydrating Cleansing Balm every evening and noticing:

  • The luxurious texture of the balm as it melts from a silky sorbet to a milky oil
  • The repetitive movement of massaging dirt, oil and/or makeup off your face
  • The sound of water splashing in the sink as you rinse
  • The softness of the towel as you pat your face dry
  • The delight of having clean skin as you head to bed



It’s okay to wipe out.

No really. Everyone makes mistakes. Give yourself permission to start the day with a clean slate. Use our Daily Wipe OutTM Rapid Cleanse Micellar Water to enjoy another mindful cleansing moment each the morning. Close your eyes and feel the softness of the cotton pad as you gently swipe it over your skin. Inhale the subtle citrus scent as the micellar water cleans and tones your pores. There. You’re ready for the day ahead! 


Your daily reset

The secret to a great makeup look isn’t actually products or brushes. It’s having clean, healthy, well-prepped skin as a canvas for your creativity. At least that’s what our co-founder Jo Baker has found in her work as a celebrity makeup artist. Although these are daily essentials, Jo created Daily Wipe OutTM Rapid Cleanse Micellar Water and Daily Meltdown Hydrating Cleansing Balm with more than just utility in mind. These dreamy formulas apply effortlessly, perform beautifully and provide you the opportunity to create daily moments of self-love through mindful cleansing. Think of them as your daily reset.


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