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Petal Soft Pastels

Pastel makeup has become hugely popular lately, because of its fantastical, ethereal vibe. When you want to feel like you’re on Cloud Nine, pick up our Micro Palm Palette - Pastels to dip into a world of sweet, playful color. 

Ready to tap into pastel power? Here are some ideas from Jo to get you started.

Start Simple

When you’re playing with color, you don’t have to start with the entire rainbow. You can pick just one or two hues that express what you're feeling in the moment and paint them over your lids in a wash of dreamy, soft color. In this look, Jo started with pastel blue, the color of intuition, inspiration and imagination. Paired with green, Mother Nature’s own magical hue, it gives the look a mystical, otherworldly vibe. 


Jo’s tip: Ditch the makeup brush and go straight for finger painting for brighter, richer payoff.

Make it Multi-dimensional with Face Gems

Jo’s ombre eye makeup look shifts from peaceful, sensitive blue to balanced, harmonious green. When paired with the water droplet gems from our Playbox by Jo Baker arranged in a similar ombre scheme, you’re channeling the pure, powerful freedom of a unicorn!

Jo’s tip: Use tweezers for precision when applying gems from the Playbox. But if you misplace one, don't worry! They're reusable. Just pull it off and stick it on again to get it placed exactly where you want it.

Looking for more inspo? Our Virtual Try On option lets you see what each shade will look like on your specific skin tone - and even try on an original look by Jo Baker herself!

How will you express yourself with this palette? We can’t wait to see what you create. Be sure to tag us @bakeupbeauty and use #BAKEUPwithus when you post to social so that we can share your creativity with the rest of our BAKEUP community.


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