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  • It's Okay to Meltdown

    It's Okay to Meltdown

    Sometimes, all those tips for self-care can feel like just one more item being piled onto your to-do list. If your mental or emotional plate is already full, the idea of adding self-care might feel like a task more than...

  • Get the Look: Doc Martens Inspired Makeup

    Get the Look: Doc Martens Inspired Makeup

    There's no limit to where our co-founder, Jo Baker, derives inspiration for her makeup artistry. It could come from something in nature, a mood, an aspiration, or even someone's outfit. If you're just dipping your toes into playing with the bold...

  • Petal Soft Pastels - BAKEUP Beauty

    Petal Soft Pastels

    Pastel makeup has become hugely popular lately, because of its fantastical, ethereal vibe. When you want to feel like you’re on Cloud Nine, pick up our Micro Palm Palette - Pastels to dip into a world of sweet, playful color.  Ready...

  • What Is Multiverse Beauty? - BAKEUP Beauty

    What Is Multiverse Beauty?

    When we say we are the first multiverse beauty brand, we aren’t talking about comic books, we mean that BAKEUP meets you wherever you are on your journey of self-expression from your mirror to the metaverse. That includes:  Using in real...

  • How to Experiment with the Face Gems - BAKEUP Beauty

    How to Experiment with the Face Gems

    “Gems have been a huge part of my kit in my pro makeup artist career. I’ve always leaned into this 3D adornment around the eye. It feels high fashion but almost like a punk attitude way of wearing makeup. But...

  • How to Transform Your Eye Makeup Look - BAKEUP Beauty

    How to Transform Your Eye Makeup

    Our handcrafted, limited-edition Veiler Eye Adornment instantly transforms your eye makeup look by adding the perfect amount of disco drama or cosmic mystique.  This unique art piece was originally created by Fashion Designer Brea Stinson for BAKEUP Co-Founder, Grace Gaustad’s, music...